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Monday 23 Jan. 2017  - 5:07 CET

ExxonMobil geologist in national industry project

“Energy for New Solutions” is the name of the Norwegian Oil and Gas Association’s anniversary project, which has been launched all over Norway. An ExxonMobil geologist played a major part.

In celebration of the Norwegian oil and gas industry’s 50th anniversary, the project was developed to spread knowledge about the industry to a wide audience. More specifically, 18 public meetings around the country were held during the fall of 2016. At one of these, in Stavanger Concert Hall in September, ExxonMobil Exploration and Production Norway AS’ Lead Country Manager, Morten Mauritzen, was a speaker. Among other topics, he focused on the company’s 50 years of upstream history in Norway.

A major part of the project included five students and seven Young Professionals (YP’s). Wenche Karin Nybø, a geologist in ExxonMobil Exploration and Production Norway AS, represented the company in the project and contributed with a number of presentations focusing on education, career choice and career path. The project objective was partly to pose existential questions about the future of fossil fuels, which the students and Young Professionals in turn tried to answer.

The students and the YP’s have had unique access to industry leaders, stakeholders and the general public. Throughout the year, the students have published their findings on a digital hub called

The Norwegian Oil and Gas Association has also created several infomercials mainly for the “dennyeoljen” website and the Norwegian Oil and Gas Association’s historical seminar movie – where Wenche Karin Nybø plays an important role. (Watch the movie here.)

The students and Young Professionals have crisscrossed around the country and spent time in local companies to share oil industry messages and to build networks. This upcoming spring, the students will visit universities, colleges and high schools in order to engage and inform students about the many possibilities yet to come in our industry.