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Refining and supply

ExxonMobil’s refinery at Slagentangen near Tønsberg, inaugurated in 1961, is located in a sheltered location by the Oslo Fjord. The refinery processes crude oil, mainly from the North Sea, into fuel products for consumption and industrial purposes.

The annual processing capacity is 6 million tons of crude oil. The production of petroleum products represents more than half of Norway’s total consumption. The lightest products are propane and butane, followed by petrol, kerosene, diesel and light fuel oil. The heaviest product is heavy oil. The Slagentangen refinery produces of course sulphur free diesel (less than 10 ppm sulphur), which is a prerequisite for modern, environmentally friendly cars with catalyst treatment of exhaust gases.

In 2007, the refinery installed a plant for blending of biodiesel. It supplies diesel with up to 7 per cent blend of a bio component based on rapeseed oil. This low blend biodiesel may be used by all diesel cars without causing engine trouble, nor is it in conflict with guarantees given by the car manufacturers. As of January 2016, in order to comply with increased legally mandated bio portion, Slagen blends ethanol into Mogas, in accordance with car manufacturers’ specifications

The refinery is also in the process of building a new process unit for the upgrading of heavy fuel oil, which will increase the value of the Slagen product portfolio.

Approximately 60 percent of the refinery’s production of petroleum products are exported, which makes the refinery one of Norway’s largest onshore export businesses. All crude oil and around 90 percent of the total production is offloaded and loaded at the jetty, which can receive ships up to 190.000 ton deadweight. Every year around 700 ships call on the port.

The Slagentangen office also manages the Supply, Transportation and Distribution businesses. Transportation & Supply conduct all ExxonMobil’s trade of crude oil and petroleum products, both refinery production and production from the fields in the North Sea. The Distribution department manages the company’s three main storage terminals located in Fredrikstad, Bergen and Trondheim, and the refinery’s truck loading facilities.

Esso Slagen Refinery