Commemorating World Malaria Day 2018

World Malaria Day recognizes the global effort to reduce the burden of malaria. Taking place on April 25 each year, it provides an opportunity to raise awareness and generate support for the fight to end this preventable and treatable disease.


Commemorating World Malaria Day 2018

ExxonMobil has been working to help reduce the global burden of malaria for 18 years. On World Malaria Day 2018, ExxonMobil announced new grants to support partner organizations working to build health system capacity, further malaria education, advance research and development, improve access to tools for prevention and treatment, and support the next generation of global health leaders.

ExxonMobil is proud to support people and organizations dedicated to improving health around the world. Ify Aniebo, a former ExxonMobil Global Health Scholar at Oxford University, authored an opinion piece on the potential for malaria elimination in her home country of Nigeria. On Energy Factor, we shared a video highlighting our efforts to help improve health systems in Angola, one of the many countries where we are working to reduce the burden of malaria.

Overcoming remaining challenges to countries’ malaria elimination efforts, such as the spread of insecticide and antimalarial drug resistance, will help build robust, resilient health systems. By investing in people, systems and infrastructure to build capacity, we can fill gaps essential to ending malaria — see a few key pieces of this complex puzzle in our infographic:



With $170 million committed in grants between 2000 and 2018, ExxonMobil has been a major private sector funder of global efforts to prevent malaria infections and deaths. The company is dedicated to seeing an end to malaria by leveraging its business expertise, network and convening power to fight the disease. ExxonMobil-supported programs have reached more than 125 million people. ExxonMobil’s workplace malaria control program offers prevention tools, early diagnosis and treatment to company employees and surrounding communities, and is a model for other malaria control initiatives.

ExxonMobil celebrates World Malaria Day in malaria-affected countries

In countries where malaria remains a serious health challenge, ExxonMobil partners recognized World Malaria Day through events raising awareness about the disease. Activities included:

  • In Angola, working with community groups to donate thermometers in Benguela province and helping to launch a “Health for All” program in Soyo province.
  • In Chad, distributing mosquito nets to pregnant women and children in Canton Miladi and Canton Bero.
  • In Nigeria, participating in a private sector forum on strategies to accelerate investment to bring malaria to zero in Africa hosted by the Corporate Alliance on Malaria in Africa.

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