We are aware that public policy decisions made at all levels of government can have significant effects on our current and future operations. For these reasons, ExxonMobil exercises its right to support policies that promote a stable investment climate for long-term business viability and to communicate our positions to the U.S. Congress, state legislatures and governments around the world.

Enabling Energy Abundance

Promoting sound policies that foster innovation and economic growth

By promoting free trade and the rule of law, policymakers can foster an atmosphere in which citizens and businesses identify and pursue new innovations and opportunities, invest and build, and achieve unprecedented success. With sound policies supporting open, competitive free markets, the energy industry and companies like ExxonMobil can help lead an economic resurgence with disciplined investments in new projects, new technologies and new jobs.

U.S. energy policy changes could create thousands of jobs
Nationwide, the energy industry supports

more than 10M jobs

across all 50 states.

Global energy trade

While global energy demand will require a wide range of supply and resources, studies indicate that the majority of global supply will continue to be met with oil and natural gas.
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With fair and stable legal, tax and regulatory frameworks in place, America’s energy industry can invest for the long-term, and with every project success, we can build stronger communities and provide new sources of revenue to state and local governments
Andrew P. Swiger

Senior vice president and principal financial officer at ExxonMobil