Fuels &  Lubricants marketing



Fuels &  Lubricants marketing

Fuels marketing

ExxonMobil markets fuel products under the Esso brand. The products are applied as motor fuels in the onshore and marine transportation segments, and for heating of homes and commercial buildings.

In 2017 ExxonMobil in Norway sold its retail petrol stations business to the Irish company DCC plc, who operates the business through its Norwegian subsidiary Certas Energy Norway AS. At 107 sites NorgesGruppen is the operator of store concepts and car wash facilities. In line with long term agreements for the use of the Esso brand and the supplies of fuels from ExxonMobil the petrol stations continue to be Esso branded stations, and the company continues to market both Esso and Mobil branded products.

Commercial Sales is ExxonMobil's sales organization serving the dealer, business-to-business and marine segments with fuels and LPG. The main business is nationwide Norway, but for larger cargos the whole of Scandinavia is covered.In the Marine segment, ExxonMobil is an active marketer of marine gas oil, which meets the ECA-specifications and is produced at the Slagentangen refinery.

Please click here for more information about Commercial Sales' operations and products (in Norwegian only).

Certas Energy Fuels AS is a dealer under the brand name Esso Energi. They are a supplier of diesel to commercial and private customers. Also heating oil and kerosene for heating purposes can be delivered.

More information about their operations and their offer at (in Norwegian only) www.essoenergi.no

Lubricants and specialties

As a supplier of base oils and a marketer of finished lubricating oils, we offer a full range of synthetic lube oils, a broad array of base oils, asphalt and special products.

Our products are sold under the Esso and Mobil brand names and satisfy the highest quality standards.

Lube oils and services are available directly from our production facilities as well as from a number of other authorised distributors.

There is more information about lubricants in Norway on a separate homepage (only in Norwegian) which you find by clicking here.

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ExxonMobil’s refinery at Slagentangen near Tønsberg, inaugurated in 1961, is located in a sheltered location by the Oslo Fjord. The refinery processes crude oil, mainly from the North Sea, into fuel products for consumption and industrial purposes.

Brands and products

Worldwide, ExxonMobil markets fuels and lubricants under three brands.