Norway safety, health and environment

The systematic work on safety, health and environment continues at full strength also in 2018.


Norway safety, health and environment


The company’s policy is to perform its operations in a manner that protects people, the environment and assets. The company strives for preventing serious incidents, damages, illness and other incidents by seeking active participation from all employees. The company is motivated by continuously identifying, eliminating or in other ways handling any safety risk related to our operation.

ExxonMobil’s safety vision is “Nobody Gets Hurt” – a work force of own employees and contractors sharing the belief that all accidents are preventable, where each individual accepts a personal responsibility for his/her own safety and is willing and able to intervene and care to ensure all co-workers are working safely.  An important aspect is to mobilize employees and contractors to actively participate in identifying and reporting hazards and near miss incidents with follow-up investigation and associated corrective actions to learn and to prevent recurrence.


ExxonMobil’s approved Occupational Health Service (internal service) provides support to all employees and departments in Norway in matters of health and working environment.

The Occupational Health Service supports the employer, employees, Working Environment Council and Safety Representative in creating healthy and safe working conditions.

Health and working environment is governed by management systems in line with regulations and internal guidelines. This involves a systematic identification and monitoring of the physical (ergonomics, chemical, noise, etc.) and psychosocial working environment.



The environmental program of ExxonMobil in Norway is fully integrated with the planning process and execution of all activities. The environmental management system, which is aligned with the international standard ISO 14001, is designed to ensure systematic and continuous improvement within the environmental area.

ExxonMobil’s overall environmental objectives include:

  • zero acute pollution
  • maintain zero harmful discharges to sea
  • reduce emissions to air
  • achieve high segregation of waste
  • minimize the risk of undesirable environmental incidents
  • efficient use of energy

Environment - Refining

International comparisons show that the ExxonMobil refinery at Slagentangen is one of the most energy efficient refineries in the world. Since the early 1990s, the refinery has implemented internal measures to save energy, and the use of energy today is 25 per cent more efficient than it was in 1990. The reason why CO2 emissions nevertheless have increased during this time period is mainly due to new environmental requirements to products e.g. increased desulphurization. Furthermore, the refinery has increased its processing capacity for crude oil. The refinery at Slagentangen has low emissions of CO2 compared to other refineries’ emissions in Europe.

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