Community engagement

Working with communities

Esso Norge contributes to society in many ways through taxes, investments, creation of jobs, participation in development and technology research projects, sharing knowledge and providing local societies with development opportunities. In addition, we make direct contributions to sports and cultural activities.


Esso is the main sponsor of Tønsberg Båtrace.

In 2019, Esso Norge AS and Tønsberg Båtrace entered into a new sponsor agreement. The  main intentions of the agreement are to help strengthen Tønsberg Båtrace and promote Esso as in the local community of Tønsberg.

Esso supply fuel to the boats participating as well as being exposed to boards and other marketing efforts in the Center of Tønsberg during Tønsberg Båtrace.


Flint Football soccer club

Flint Football and Esso Norway AS has worked together for a long time.

FLINT Tønsberg AIL was founded in 1917 with  players mainly working at the  Esso Vallø refinery and a local Wallpapers factory. Flint used Esso ' s field close to Vallø Chapel from the very beginning. Later they moved to Esso property at Valløbanen, also called “Bingen”.

In the year 2000, Esso sold "Bingen" to Block Watne and Flint got a significant amount from Esso following the sale. With this contribution from Esso, Flint was able to build a new football field that was opened in 2006. When Flints clubhouse burned down in 2012, Esso and Flint entered a 5-years deal and Flint Esso Arena was built.  At the expiry of the five-year agreement, Esso and Flint have agreed on a renewed sponsorship agreement going forwards that ensures Esso still keeps the name rights to Flint Esso Arena.

Flint football is Vestfold's largest football club.