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Science centers are experiential centers of popular science, which aim is to stimulate the interest of children and young people in technology and natural science, by means of activating and inspiring methods.

Vitenfabrikken (Science Factory), Sandnes

Vitenfabrikken is a modern museum and science center, where the public are encouraged to participate and to explore. Through such interactive presentation methods, the goal is to encourage especially children and young people’s interest in science, mathematics and technology. Fun, competition, and experimentation are therefore key elements of a visit to Vitenfabrikken.

Vitenfabrikken is a part of the Jær museum, which is the regional museum for several municipalities at Jæren, with the task of documenting and conveying the more recent history of the region. At Vitenfabrikken the history of the city of Sandnes and the regional industrial history is being told.

Astronomy is also an important entry for many to the interest of science. One of the most important elements – and perhaps Vitenfabrikken’s pride – is a planetarium, which seats over 50 people. The planetarium is a dome-shaped room that is used to convey what it looks like in space and display projection films. The planetarium has the premier technology available, and is one of very few in the world with such a standard.

Vitenfabrikken opened its new building in the center of Sandnes on May 22, 2008. ExxonMobil contributed financially to the construction of the building and has since contributed with annual financial support to the operations of Vitenfabrikken. In addition, we have donated three interactive installations to Vitenfabrikken.

Norwegian Petroleum Museum, Stavanger

The idea of creating a dedicated oil industry museum in Stavanger arose as early as in 1974, long before it was possible to predict how important the petroleum industry would become for the Norwegian society. The Norwegian Petroleum Museum Foundation was established in 1981, after which time many objects, films, photos and other items documenting the Norwegian oil and gas activities have been collected.

The Norwegian Petroleum Museum’s new building was inaugurated May 20, 1999. Covering 5,000 square meters, the museum stands in the heart of Stavanger and incorporates exhibition space, cinema, restaurant, library, meeting rooms, workshops and offices. The building in itself represents an exhibition object, where the architecture is a scenographic interpretation of the Norwegian bedrock, the open coastal landscape facing the sea and offshore installations.

The museum contains many exciting activities and experiences for children and youngsters and offers educational programs related to the curriculum at several school levels. The education covers themes as geology, math, energy, local history, social economics, and chemistry.

ExxonMobil participated in the group of oil industry sponsors to finance the Norwegian Petroleum Museum’s new building and has since contributed annual financial support to the museum’s operation.