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Monday 28 Jan. 2019  - 12:43 CET

Esso Norge AS (Esso) has decided not to import palm oil for use in fuel in 2019.

Esso has secured access to bio components, which will ensure that we reach the mandate of 12 percent for 2019 without using palm oil.

The Parliament recently asked the government to prepare a proposal to exclude biofuels with high risk of deforestation. These principles will be built into the next state budget and apply from 1. January 2020. Although the proposed proposal does not mention palm oil specifically, there seem to be a broad political desire to reduce the use of palm oil in fuel.

Esso appreciates that the authorities are now taking steps in the direction of a policy that better considers actual global climate effect of the various bio components. Mandates and incentives should encourage biofuels with high greenhouse gas reduction.

Esso has previously used only palm oil certified according to EU sustainability criteria’s. Esso recognizes that this is a complex issue and that the critical focus on palm oil in fuel has resulted in uncertainty and concern among our customers, and we are now responding to this uncertainty in the market.


Contact person:
Anne Fougner
Nordic Public and Government Affairs Manager
Cell phone: +47 9051 6835