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Esso Station

Fuels marketing

ExxonMobil markets fuel products under the Esso brand. The products are applied as motor fuels in the onshore and marine transportation segments, and for heating of homes and commercial buildings.

Lubricants and specialties

As a supplier of base oils and a marketer of finished lubricating oils, we offer the full range of synthetic lube oils, a broad array of base oils, asphalt and special products.

Refining and supply

ExxonMobil’s refinery at Slagentangen near Tønsberg, inaugurated in 1961, is located in a sheltered location by the Oslo Fjord. The refinery processes crude oil, mainly from the North Sea, into fuel products for consumption and industrial purposes.

Refining process

Crude oil refining is about converting the raw material into the oil products that consumers demand.