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Slagen Refinery

Slagen Refinery is situated on the west bank of the Oslofjord about 5 n. miles south of Horten. The marine terminal consists of a pier about 500 m long with loading/discharging berths on both sides. To the south of the long pier there is a small harbour where mooring boats and oil recovery equipment are kept. The terminal and its near surroundings are owned and controlled by Esso Norge AS. It has its own Harbour Office with Marine Supervisors on duty 24 hours a day.

Slagen Refinery Process Facility

Norwegian Chart No. 3 and No. 481 (B.A. 3158)

The pier is aligned North-South and the prevailing current is setting Southeasterly, but both direction and velocity can be highly variable. Velocity upto 1.4 knots have been measured. Under normal weather condition it is recommended to berth with the vessel's port side alongside.

After prolonged bad weather and storm in the North Sea and Skagerak, heavy swell may come into the harbour and in some cases all loading or discharging operations are suspended and the vessels taken off berth.

Masters are invited to contact Slagen Harbour Office, VHF channel 14, in order to get updated on wind, current and/or whatever question which may arise.

Foreign flag vessels should send ARRIVAL NOTIFICATION at least 24 hours prior to entering Norwegian territorial waters (NTW) and REPORTING POINT NOTIFICATION when crossing the Norwegian baseline upon entering and leaving NTW. The message should be sent to Norwegian Authorities through the nearest Norwegian Coast Radio Station.

Entering Norwegian waters and approaching local baseline ships should report to Oslofjorden VTS (Vessel Traffic Service) situated in Horten, and operating on VHF Channel 13 and/or 18.

For most foreign flag vessels pilotage is compulsory from Ferder to Slagen and vice versa. Vessels of 20 000 DWT or more will be piloted by choiced pilots especially trained for berthing vessels at the Slagen Marine Terminal.

Esso Slagen Refinery

Alongside berth UHF channel 5 is used for communication ship/shore (radio sets to be placed onboard).

The Slagen Marine Terminal has approximately 800 tanker calls a year with size variation 100 to 250 000 DWT. The annual import of Crude oil (mainly from the Northsea) and Blendstock is about 6.5 mill. m³ and about 5.7 mill. m³ petroleum products are shipped out.

Bunkers of any grades available ex wharf for vessels calling for loading and/or discharging. Also lubricating oils and grease, in bulk or drums, can be delivered. Order for such deliveries should be placed well in advance of the vessel's arrival.

Systems for handling of garbage, ballast and waste water or slops within terminal capacities in place.

Mail Address:

Esso Norge AS
Harbour Office
P.O. Box 2001
Telephone: (47) 333-77 300 Switchboard
Telephone: (47) 333-77 557 Harbour Office
Telefax: (47) 333-77 558
Cable Address. Essoship Tønsberg

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